The mystery will be revealed soon. Till then, you can enjoy the perks of our subscription box, which is exclusively available for you. Once you enter your mail, you will start receiving exclusive deals, offers, and more along with the alert once we go live.

Mystery Box

Whether you are a full-on health enthusiast or just beginning to dabble in the wellness industry, Botano’s subscription box is something of an adventure every month. We offer a mystery box packed with wellness products, cosmetics, supplements, and nootropics.

Become a member and avail many exclusive benefits. Jumpstart your wellness journey with the best hand-picked products by our team to give you something excited and unexpected.

What You’ll find Inside?

Every month, you get to choose 5-6 products of your choice from a wide range of wellness, fitness, beauty, and more. Click on your favorite to get started.

How it works

Book your Mystery Box

Receive your customized box full of wellness, beauty, fitness, and more every month. Start by choosing a plan, enter your details, and get ready to receive the box.

Discover new products

Explore more with the mystery box. Every month you will be surprised with new products along with your preferred ones.

Experience it

Get a chance to experience the best brands in fitness, wellness, beauty, and more. Additionally, subscribe to our newsletter to know about the exclusive deals, offers, and other member perks.


Mystery Box is always full of surprises. Choose a plan that’s right for you. No Commitments, Cancel Anytime.


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Mystery Box

The mysteries never cease. Prepare yourself to receive an assortment of hand-picked collections for your ongoing health and wellness. You can sign up for the plan of your choice and wait for the mystery to be delivered soon at your doorsteps. With mystery, avail membership benefits which are available with monthly subscription only at


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