How It Works

Botano makes wellbeing easy, fun, and social! Choose an activity card with specific instructions, then tackle it solo or team up with friends for an extra boost. Whether you're crushing a wellness challenge or simply exploring a new activity, log your experience in a way that suits you - add photos, voice memos, or chat with your personal Botano coach! Every logged experience earns you points that can be used in the marketplace to create your dream life.


Forget hopping between apps and websites. Botano curates top products, services, and events all in one place. Find your favorite wellness products, book a session with a real-life coach, or discover exciting in-person experiences - it's all there!


Your experiences become a unique storyboard, a visual record of your wellness journey. Reflect on your progress with pride, or easily share it with friends, family, and even connect with new people from around the world. Botano fosters a global community where you can connect with like-minded individuals, build special bonds, and develop positive habits together. Plus, you'll enjoy a curated marketplace filled with wellness-related products and even more challenges to keep things fresh.


Find the most frequently asked questions below.

Botano offers a wide variety of activity cards, from tackling specific wellness challenges to simply trying new activities. Whether you're interested in meditation, fitness, healthy eating, or something else entirely, there's a card to get you started.

Botano provides flexibility! You can log your experience by adding photos, recording voice memos, or even chatting with your personal Botano coach for a more interactive experience.

Your points are your ticket to creating your dream life! Redeem them for your favorite wellness products, book a session with a real-life coach, or even use them towards exciting in-person experiences.

Think of Botano's marketplace as a curated haven for all things wellness. Find your favorite products, discover new ones, and access services like personalized coaching sessions.

Your Botano storyboard is a unique record of your wellness journey. It compiles your logged experiences (including photos if you add them!) into a visual timeline you can revisit with pride or share with your community.

Botano fosters a global community! Share your storyboard, participate in discussions, and connect with like-minded individuals who share your passion for wellbeing. You can even find friends to team up with for activity challenges.

Absolutely! Signing up for Botano is free, giving you access to a range of activity cards and the ability to connect with the community. You can earn points through free activities and use them towards rewards in the marketplace.

The Botano community is here to help! Connect with other users or reach out to your personal Botano coach for guidance and support on your wellness journey.

You discover a Botano activity card that encourages you to try a new meditation app. You embark on the challenge with a friend you met on the platform. Together, you log your experience and share your thoughts on the app. Your efforts are rewarded with points redeemable towards that yoga retreat you've been dreaming of. You post your success story (complete with stunning retreat pictures!) on the Botano community feed, inspiring others to take charge of their wellbeing journey. That's the Botano experience!