Top 10 Supplements for Women to Balance Hormones

Hormones are always the ones to blame for many things. Tummy troubles? Getting cramps? Mood swings? We blame it all on the hormones.

Unfortunately, we often use this word without understanding its vital role in the proper functioning of our organs. The hormones are chemicals that help coordinate the body’s functions, from metabolism to immunity, emotions, mood, sexual function, growth, development, and even sleep.

The hormonal imbalance can affect the overall well-being and cause severe issues. Hence, to maintain an optimal hormonal level in our body, we should balance our lives with a sufficient diet, exercise, and include hormonal balancing supplements in our daily routine. Not sure how to do it? Here’s a blog to help you with the fundamentals of hormonal balance, the risk involved with imbalances, and the right supplements to balance hormones in women.

Fundamentals of Hormonal Balance

Our hormones are responsible for essentially every function in our bodies. When your hormones are balanced and working in sync, you won’t notice them and that’s a good thing. It’s when they’re imbalanced that you could start seeing cascading health issues take over. Hormonal imbalances can debilitate you. Therefore, you need to keep a check on your hormonal balances timely.

What is Hormonal Imbalance?

Hormones are chemicals that work as messengers within the body. They are produced and released by the endocrine glands and play a huge role in our normal functioning. Hence, we should maintain an optimal balance in the body. Hormone imbalances occur in two cases; either there is too much or not enough of a certain hormone in the body.

This imbalance can be caused by many reasons and there are numerous symptoms that detect a hormonal imbalance in the body. Nonetheless, maintaining the balance of hormone levels in the body is crucial for overall well-being.

Risk Involved with Hormonal Imbalance

There are more than 50 hormones that affect the aspects of our body, periods, fertility, energy, and weight. The hormonal levels in the body are constantly changing which affects the quality of life. It can cause severe issues such as fatigue, hair loss, palpitations, mood swings, blood sugar, infertility, bloating, PCOS, thyroid, and the list goes on.

When the hormones are imbalanced for a long time, all severe issues can pile up and devoid you of many normal bodily functions. There can be many reasons for the hormonal imbalance in your body such as excessive stress, unhealthy lifestyle, birth control medications, anorexia, chemotherapy, medications, and more.

These causes when not controlled can result in life-threatening diseases and hamper the way you live your life. Hence, it is highly crucial for you to maintain an optimal level of hormones in your body. There are many ways to do that. One of the highly crucial ways to incorporate that is by adding supplements to your daily routine.

Supplements to Balance Hormones

Finding the right supplement is vital for optimal balancing of the hormones. Hence, we have created a list for you with all the right supplements you need to balance your hormones. Let’s dive in.


Glycine is an amino acid neurotransmitter found in the central nervous system. It is important for the growth and maintenance of tissues. When the levels of glycine are reduced in the body, you have high levels of oxidative stress. This signifies that you and your body are not getting the rest that you need.

Other benefits of glycine are it may improve sleep quality and protect your liver from alcohol-induced damage. Additionally, it may protect your heart and aid people with Type 2 Diabetes. It can also prevent cardiovascular disease, inflammation, and diabetes. Glycine is available in capsule and powder form.

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Black Cohosh

Black Cohosh is a perennial herb that has been in use for centuries for the treatment of menstrual irregularities, menopause symptoms, and to ease childbirth. This is most likely to relieve symptoms related to reductions or imbalances in the estrogen hormone.

This supplement is also known to alleviate menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes, sleep disturbance, heart palpitations, bone density loss, reduced mental performance, pain during intercourse, and more. It is advised to talk to a professional about the doses that are appropriate for you.

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Milk Thistle

Milk Thistle is a plant and is most often used for liver disorders. It has many anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that could help in many ways such as preventing the decline in brain function, we experience as we age. It is also known for protecting the bones from the loss of bone density caused by Osteoporosis.

This supplement helps clear the congested liver which filters out the excess hormones and toxic wastes from the body. If this filtration is disturbed, then there can be hormonal imbalances in the body. Milk Thistle is one of the best liver cleansing herbs and plays a vital role in hormonal balancing. Hence, for a healthy liver, seek advice from your doctor on adding a Milk Thistle supplement to your routine.

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Chaste Berry

Chaste berry is also called Vitex agnus-castus. It is known for its ability to reduce symptoms of PMS such as constipation, irritability, depressed mood, breast pain, tenderness, and migraines. Chaste berry may also help relieve the symptoms of menopause.

This supplement may enhance fertility, help prevent insect bites, reduce headaches and inflammation, and help in bone repair. However, it is said that pregnant and nursing women should avoid vitex, as its effects on babies haven’t been well-studied. Otherwise, it is considered safe for most people.

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Vitamin C

Vitamin C is vital for one’s overall well-being. It is also known as ascorbic acid and has numerous benefits. To begin with, it is an excellent antioxidant and an essential nutrient. In addition, this supplement aids in healing wounds and assists your body in making red blood cells.

It helps regulate many hormones and adjusts estrogen deficiency. In addition, it controls inflammation and reduces adrenaline levels. Vitamin C is a great hormonal balance supplement. It helps in the tissue repair process, enhances the immune system, and lowers cortisol levels. Hence, if you are looking to gain multiple benefits from one supplement, Vitamin C is your answer.

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Vitamin B

The different B vitamins are vital for overall well-being. The deficiency of these vitamins can affect different hormones and neurotransmitters. It causes irritability and negatively impacts the mood. Moreover, it also negatively impacts the metabolism, drains energy, and reduces pain tolerance. Hence, it is crucial to balance B vitamins in the body.

Supplement that provides different B vitamins can help pacify the symptoms of hormonal imbalance. It can prove to be beneficial if you are experiencing pre-menopause or menopause. Vitamin B supplements improve mood, energy levels, and alleviate PMS symptoms. Furthermore, it also enhances metabolism. Hence, if you are facing any of the above trouble, consider checking out the mentioned B vitamins supplements.

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Diindolylmethane (DIM) sounds like a scary chemical. However, it is one of the top supplements because it helps balance estrogen levels in the body. DIM comprises cruciferous vegetables, including cabbage, Brussel sprouts, and broccoli. This is one of the reasons DIM is considered a unique supplement.

This supplement can give you the nutrients of cruciferous vegetables to help promote healthy estrogen levels in the body. DIM helps women who have hormonal issues due to imbalanced estrogen levels. Additionally, it also helps women who have hormone-related acne, struggle with PMS, and want to improve their mood. So, if you are dealing with any of these, you can try taking DIM.

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Probiotics are often known to be associated with aiding digestion. But they are highly beneficial when it comes to balancing hormones in women. They are for everyone but have numerous unique and positive effects on the female body, mind, and overall well-being.

This supplement has many benefits. It improves and balances the mood and symptoms of the monthly hormonal cycle. Moreover, it is found in research that probiotics can improve hormone and inflammatory markers in women with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), who often struggle with infertility.

Probiotics may also promote vaginal health and reduce urinary tract infections along with being beneficial for a healthy pregnancy. Hence, it is advisable to take the help of probiotics for maintaining your overall well-being.

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Like DIM, Dehydroepiandrosterone sounds like a scary chemical. However, a healthy body should have high quantities of DHEA since it is the most prevalent bodily hormone. Our body produces DHEA through the adrenal glands, which if dropped below a healthy level can negatively affect the body.

Balancing this hormone in the body can help produce enough amount of estrogen and testosterone. DHEA can help prevent osteoporosis and strengthen the bones. It may also help those who struggle with menopause symptoms, anxiety, depression, and Alzheimer’s. This supplement is also known for strengthening the immune system and providing more energy.

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Vitamin D3

We all know healthy exposure to the sun gives us vitamin D. However, we cannot get enough to support our daily needs. Vitamin D supports the endocrine system as well as the entire body. Therefore, enough amount of vitamin D helps regulate the hormones in the body. Vitamin D3 supplement by Pure Encapsulation is pure vegan and plant-based.

Vitamin D3 provides the body with a wide range of nutritional benefits. It gives us the bone-building nutrient along with the support for breast, prostate, cardiovascular, colon, and immune health. The supplement is gluten-free, non-GMO, vegan, soy, and dairy-free.

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In a Nutshell

While there are many options to balance the hormones in the body, balancing them with supplements sounds feasible. In addition, supplements can be your long-term partner along with a sufficient diet and exercise. However, it is always advisable to consult a professional to know more about the deficiencies in your body and balance them out with diet, exercise, and the right supplements.

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